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Coffee Aged in Barrels Infused with Single Malt Whisky.

Product of Da Lat, Lam Dong Province, VIETNAM.

Mercafe Dalat Barrel Aged arabica coffee, one of our top-notch specialty coffee products, is made by an intricate process selection of premium coffee bean and a delicately crafted aging process utilizing Single Malt Whisky infused barrels.


Premium quality “wet hulled beans” are used for producing this unique coffee.  In addition, the coffee originates from a selected cluster of farmers in the high grown region of Caudat village of Lam Dong province in Vietnam.

Good quality bold “wet-hulled” beans are hand garbled and selected for making this premium coffee. “Oak barrels” laced with premium quality “scotch whisky” are used for this aging process. The beans are aged in small batches in our oak barrels over a period of time using a fine-tuned process involving periodic turning of the barrels at regular intervals and careful monitoring of the beans for ideal aging.

The end result of this hand-crafted process is an exceptional coffee with a slight whisky aroma, good body, medium acidity and a distinct scotch whisky taste with slight spicy notes.




Caudat, Vietnam


100% Arabica


Mercafe Lotus Farm Cluster


December to January 


1,400 to 1,600 masl


Fully washed & Aged in Oak Barrels laced with Single Malt Scotch Whisky 


90% > Screen 15


Good body, medium acidity and a distinct scotch whisky taste with slight spicy notes.

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