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We introduce Mercafe Dalat Opal Bold, a Wet Hulled super premium coffee that displays a distinctive flavor profile deserving of the tittle, Specialty. Wet Hulling is an artisanal method where the partially dried parchment is hulled and then sun dried to enhance completely and reveal the best attributes the beans have to offer.

The coffee originates from a select cluster of farms from the Caudat Village, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam. Caudat is a beautiful mountainous region lined with pine forests, lakes, waterfalls, coffee and tea gardens located in the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Grown at 1,400 to 1,600 meters, the region is blessed with year-round cool weather and fertile volcanic soil, providing an ideal microclimate for growing outstanding quality. Coffee cultivation began in this region in the 1850’s and has been continued for generations by Vietnam farmers.

The finest quality cherries are pulped in our modern, environment friendly mill that has the capability of separating only the ripe cherries. The highest quality wet parchment is further separated and processed into Mercafe Dalat Opal Bold. The final step for the wet-hulled semi-dried beans in sun drying on raised tables in green houses. Once dried the bean are conditioned and bagged. The  coffee is then stored in our climate-controlled warehouse which enables us to retain quality and freshness.

This intricate craft process yields a beautiful dark bluish opal colored bean with remnants of silver skin giving a rich natural texture. The coffee when roasted medium to dark is characterized by a satisfying aroma, rich body, complexity, low acidity and unique earthy flavor profile with slight spicy notes.


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