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'Vietnam Strictly High Grown' is a premium fully washed Arabica coffee originating from a cluster of farms from the Caudat village of Lamdong province in Vietnam. Filled with pine forests, waterfalls, lakes and coffee plantations, the Central Highlands of Vietnam serve as the setting to the beautiful mountainous region of Cau Dat.


The coffee is grown at an altitude of 1400 to 1600 meters ASL & the region is characterized with year-round cool weather & fertile volcanic soil providing an ideal microclimate for growing good quality Arabica coffee.



The farmers in this area follow good sustainable agricultural practices. The French were pioneers in opening up Arabica plantations in Caudat in mid 1850's. The French left a rich history of coffee cultivation which has been continued for generations by Vietnamese farmers and now the region is renowned for its premium quality Arabica's.  

Good quality cherries from selected farms are harvested during the season and pulped in environmental friendly Columbian Penagos machinery which has the capability of separating out green cherries and inferior quality cherries. Coffee is fermented & washed with careful monitoring at each stage of processing to ensure that the intrinsic quality of the beans are retained during the process. The dried parchment are conditioned and stored in our warehouse in cool environment of Lam Dong and later hulled just in time for shipment ensuring that quality & freshness of the coffee is retained. The coffee taste profile is characterized by high acidity, medium body with a slight flavor of toffee and vanilla.  


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